Cozmo Is A Great Robot With A Lot Of Personality

Cozmo is a small high-tech interactive toy robot that has excellent artificial intelligence, which realistically mimics human emotional states.

You can learn code Cozmo – A Great Teaching Tool for kids and young adults as we continue our journey into the technological revolution.

Cozmo Comes Right Out of the Box Ready to Play

Setting up Cozmo is simple, with nothing to build, you can have Cozmo up and running very quickly. Cozmo loves to play and the more you play with him the more he learns. He will even nudge you to play with him and act upset if you don’t. His emotional responses are very realistic with animated gestures and expressions. Click Here for the Best Price and More Reviews 

Cozmo comes with a couple of games and three interactive Power Cubes. He also has an “adventure mode”. You get an app to interactive with him using iOS or Android devices. The more you play with him the smarter he seems to get. There are lots of levels to unlock so his replay value is high.

Accessories and Parts Included
USB charger, can be used with your phone or iPad
3 Power Cubes
Charging base with USB cord attached
Quick-start user guide
Cozmo requires a compatible iOS or Android device to run the free Cozmo app

Educational Use

Cozmo uses the Python programming language. Python is one of the simplest and most powerful programming languages to learn and many professional Coders highly recommend starting with it. This can get kids excited about programming because they can now use their new skills to make Cozmo even smarter.
CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Is Cozmo Worth the Money?

A BIG Yes, the kids we watched playing with Cozmo loved playing with him and he provided hours of entertainment. Surprisingly, we also watched older kids and parents get engaged with Cozmo as well, so there is fun here for the whole family.

Since Cozmo uses the Python programming language, this is a cool tech toy that could interest your child in learning to program with Python. Learning programming languages is a great way to invest in your child’s future in our current technological revolution.

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