Let’s look at a GREAT Tech Toy that can give your child an advantage in the future… For kids 2-4 years we Highly Recommend the Tiggly Learner Kit The Tiggly Leaner Kit bundles together three award-winning learning systems: Tiggly Shapes, Tiggly Math, and Tiggly Words (total of 14 tech toys and 12 learning games). Like Osmo, another excellent learning toy we reviewed, Tiggly is for younger kids, Tiggly combines real parts for a tablet (iPad or Android) to early learning in subjects like geometry, math, literacy and more. Click Here for the Best Price and More Reviews For kids 5-12 we Highly Recommend the Osmo Genius KitRead More →

With the ROBOTIS BIODLOID PREMIUM kit you can build 29 Robots! This kit has plans for building easy, moderate and advanced level robots. Besides building some really cool robots, this is an advanced educational robot for kids and adults who want to get into coding, programming, and robotics. What’s great about this robot is the experience of building and then programming it. Click Here for the Best Price and Reviews  This robot is recommend for kids 10+ but if you have a younger child that’s showing signs of genius, then they can start building the easy robots and work their way up to the advancedRead More →

The Dash and Dot Robots are a great way to get your kids interested in learning future technology. Learning to code can give your child a chance of success in the 21st-century. The Dash Robot may get your child interested in basic coding and also how to work with a robot. Click Here for the Best Price and Other Reviews  Dash and Dot are recommended for children ages 6+ Dash comes and ready to play out of the box, with no assembly required. Dash responds to voice commands, navigating objects, dancing, and singing. Your kids will love Dash, and with hundreds of projects, Dash will keepRead More →

The GoSleep, 2 in 1 Travel Pillow- Sleep Mask and Memory Foam Pillow is a must for anyone that travels a lot or likes to get in some rest when they are on the road. The sleep mask and memory foam pillow are super comfortable and lightweight. What is so great about this sleep mask, besides including a nice comfortable pillow for your head, it has a cord that wraps around the seat to prevent head bob. No more turbulence or rough road wake ups. The GoSleep Sleep Mask also blocks out any direct or surrounding light, just add your headphones with some soothing musicRead More →

The G10 Digital Guitar Wireless System is an excellent wireless system for any Musician. It’s a plug and play, rechargeable wireless guitar system, that has up to 8 hours playing time and 200 hours of sleep time per charge, with a50-foot indoor range. The G10’s innovative Cable Tone technology eliminates the pops when you plug in your guitar—the system only transmits a signal once you’re completely connected and turns on once you start playing. It turns off automatically after 2 minutes of not touching the strings and then automatically turns back on when you hit the strings. Click Here and get the Best Price andRead More →

Premium Fixate Cell Pads are awesome and will stick to just about any Anything!  Glass, Mirrors, Whiteboards, Metal, your Car GPS, Plastic, Rubber, Cameras and a lot of other things will securely stick to these pads. Plus, they are washable and re-usable when they get dirty. Click Here for the Best Price and Other Reviews These Pads have LOTS of creative uses and come in a 5 PACK. 67% of the people who tried them either loved or liked them a lot. Most of the people who didn’t like the product complained of the lack of strength and seemed like they wanted something that wouldRead More →

The Petzi Treat, PetChatz and Furbo Dog Camera are devices that allow you to check in with your dog(s) or cat(s) when you’re not home and interact with them using a video camera or audio. They also allow you to give your dog or cat a treat. This is a great idea because dogs and cats get lonely when we are gone and love interacting with us, even if it’s just hearing our voice. Click Here for the Best Price and other Reviews In this article we are reviewing three devices, the Petzi Treat, PetChatz and the Furbo Dog Camera. These devices can be greatRead More →

Osmo is an award winning interactive game system that helps kids develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. It’s designed for children in the 5-12 year old range. The basic set comes with 5 games but also has some really cool add-on games. Click Here for the Best Price and Other Reviews  According to the manufacturer; “Osmo’s game systems foster social intelligence and creative thinking by opening up the iPad to the endless possibilities of physical play. Crafted with reflective artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking technology that bridges the real and digital realms. Osmo Genius Kit expands on the Osmo Starter Kit by adding on the newestRead More →

Vibrating Games and Music Through Your Body… Imagine being able to really feel the bass thump of a video game or your music through your body? Well, now you can. Click Here for the Price and More Reviews  According the manufacturer; “The SubPac M2 is a wearable Tactile Bass System that projects low frequencies into your body, providing total sonic immersion no matter where your day takes you. Music drives your workout, games explode with life, and movies feel more powerful than ever before. By enhancing the low frequencies of any audio source, SubPac brings you closer to the things you love, even while outRead More →

The Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device is a drug-free treatment device for people with chronic pain. The makers of Quell say it is designed for people with back pain, arthritis pain, nerve pain, leg and foot pain, and others. It’s been cleared by the FDA so the company did spend some serious time and money on this device. Click Here for the best Price and other Reviews You can wear the Quell device while sleeping or anytime. It’s patented Opti Therapy technology automatically adjusts stimulation to deliver optimal hourly pain relief. You can adjust the strength settings. It has a Bluetooth connection and app so youRead More →

The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook is an 80-page notebook, that will send your finished writing and images to Google docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, Box and email. Once you fill up your notebook, just stick your Notebook in the microwave to erase and reuse it. Yes, you put it in the microwave? Click Here for the Best Price and More Reviews DOES THE ROCKETBOOK WAVE SMART NOTEBOOK REALLY WORK? After using the Pilot FriXion pens and writing in the notebook we were able to upload its content to our Google docs, Dropbox, email and Evernote accounts. It took a little tweaking of the software but itRead More →

The Tile Slim – Phone Finder, Wallet Finder is a small thin tracking device that fits in your wallet, on your keys, phone or anywhere. If you lose something, then make your Tile Slim ring and track it down. They also have a member network. If a member finds your lost item, they can notify you to come and pick it up. Click Here for the Best Price and More Reviews  A GREAT IDEA BUT DOES IT WORK? I ordered a four pack of tiles and put one in my wallet, one on my keys (ordered the tile key chain cover) and attached one to my phone.Read More →

Cozmo is a small high-tech interactive toy robot that has excellent artificial intelligence, which realistically mimics human emotional states. You can learn code Cozmo – A Great Teaching Tool for kids and young adults as we continue our journey into the technological revolution. Cozmo Comes Right Out of the Box Ready to Play Setting up Cozmo is simple, with nothing to build, you can have Cozmo up and running very quickly. Cozmo loves to play and the more you play with him the more he learns. He will even nudge you to play with him and act upset if you don’t. His emotional responses are veryRead More →