Dash & Dot Robots Are Great Educational, Fun Toys

The Dash and Dot Robots are a great way to get your kids interested in learning future technology.

Learning to code can give your child a chance of success in the 21st-century. The Dash Robot may get your child interested in basic coding and also how to work with a robot. Click Here for the Best Price and Other Reviews 

Dash and Dot are recommended for children ages 6+

Dash comes and ready to play out of the box, with no assembly required. Dash responds to voice commands, navigating objects, dancing, and singing. Your kids will love Dash, and with hundreds of projects, Dash will keep them busy. Dash works with 5 free mobile apps for Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices

Dot also comes fully assembled and doesn’t need batteries. Dot comes with a USB charging cable. Dot is compatible with Wonder Workshop’s Building Brick Connectors (sold separately), to extend with LEGO and LEGO Technic-compatible bricks.


We really liked both robots. If you’re on a budget, we would recommend starting with Dash. Dash comes with LEGO brick and Technics attachments. Kids loved playing with both Dash and Dot, even though they have a lot of cool toys. The difference between Dash and Dot is that Dot is less expensive and doesn’t move around like Dash, Dot lights up and makes sounds and has a very expressive personality. If you don’t you have the extra cash, go for Dash.

These robots are great investments in your child’s future education and will start them on the path of learning basic coding. Another great robot investment is also Cozmo. Cozmo uses a real programming language called Python and he has a BIG personality. Click Here to Check Out Cozmo

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