With the ROBOTIS BIODLOID PREMIUM kit you can build 29 Robots!

This kit has plans for building easy, moderate and advanced level robots. Besides building some really cool robots, this is an advanced educational robot for kids and adults who want to get into coding, programming, and robotics. What’s great about this robot is the experience of building and then programming it. Click Here for the Best Price and Reviews 

This robot is recommend for kids 10+ but if you have a younger child that’s showing signs of genius, then they can start building the easy robots and work their way up to the advanced robot and coding.

We found ROBOTIS BIODLOID PREMIUM kit to be very high quality. It’s a little expensive but a great investment for you or your child are interested in getting into future technology.

If you have a younger child or you’re on a budget, I also highly recommend Dosh and Dat Robots (click here) or Cozmo (click here) you can also learn to code with both of these robots.

There are robot fighting competitions where you can match your robots skills against someone else’s. Don’t worry about your robot breaking, they are very sturdy.

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