The Best Pet Cam & Dispenser – Petzi Treat Cam, PetChatz and Furbo Dog Camera Reviewed

The Petzi Treat, PetChatz and Furbo Dog Camera are devices that allow you to check in with your dog(s) or cat(s) when you’re not home and interact with them using a video camera or audio. They also allow you to give your dog or cat a treat. This is a great idea because dogs and cats get lonely when we are gone and love interacting with us, even if it’s just hearing our voice. Click Here for the Best Price and other Reviews

In this article we are reviewing three devices, the Petzi Treat, PetChatz and the Furbo Dog Camera.
These devices can be great for your dog or cat with severe separation anxiety but cats or dogs that spook easily may need some time adjusting to the device. At first, your canine kid may be afraid of it but they should get used to it pretty quickly with the device tossing out treats and hearing your voice through it.

All three models are built well and sturdy. The Furbo Dog Camera sits on something in a room and the Petzi Treat can sit on something as well, or be mounted to the wall. The PetChatz is a wall mounted device. All of them are easy to set up.

One thing you will need to consider, it won’t take long for your dog or cat to figure out this device holds treats and they will, at some point, probably try to break it open to get the treats inside. For this reason, be sure to mount or sit it high enough so it’s out of reach. For cats this can be a challenge, depending how aggressive they are.

Don’t expect any of these products to work perfectly all the time. Treats getting stuck and glitches with Wi-Fi connections do happen from time to time, It’s not really a big issue and all three of these companies have excellent customer service.

The Petzi Treat Cam (also the least expensive of the three) doesn’t allow you to hear your pet but they can hear you. The Furbo Dog Camera upgrades the audio in and out with an advance intelligent sensor that can tell barking from background noises, then automatically sends alerts to your phone. We found this feature to be hit and miss but when it did work as advertised, it was great.

Unlike, the Petzi Treat and Furbo Dog Camera, the PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone includes a video monitor so your pet can see you, as well as hear you. It’s a cool idea but none of our dogs were really interested in the video. Does your dog or cat have the attention span of looking into a small video screen? If yes, this might be a great option for you. The PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone also tops the list for being the most expensive.

The video quality on all three was very good. The Petzi Treat Cam and Furbo Dog Camera both have night vision, the PetChatz doesn’t. We felt the Furbo Dog Camera had much better night vision than the The Petzi Treat Cam.

All three devices seem to have a 1-2 sec time delay. It wasn’t a major issue but just be aware of it.

The camera range on all three was good but the Furbo Dog Camera had a nice wide angle that showed a large room well.

Your dog chewing on or pulling the power cord to get a treat out of the device could be an issue with the wall mounted units so keep that in mind.

We think the Furbo Dog Camera was the best of the three and highly recommend it. It’s around $30 more than the Petzi Treat. The video capability on the PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone at $150+ more than the Furbo Dog Camera just didn’t justify the cost, plus it has to be wall mounted and no night vision.


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