Premium Fixate Cell Pads – A Sticky Solution

Premium Fixate Cell Pads are awesome and will stick to just about any Anything! 

Glass, Mirrors, Whiteboards, Metal, your Car GPS, Plastic, Rubber, Cameras and a lot of other things will securely stick to these pads. Plus, they are washable and re-usable when they get dirty. Click Here for the Best Price and Other Reviews

These Pads have LOTS of creative uses and come in a 5 PACK.

67% of the people who tried them either loved or liked them a lot. Most of the people who didn’t like the product complained of the lack of strength and seemed like they wanted something that would permanently hold an object. These Cell Pads are not for permanently holding up an object and are for temporary use. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to hang or hold something, we recommend, Command strips.

We highly recommend Premium Fixate Cell Pads and think they are great for holding up things but again, not a permanent hanging solution.

There customer service is also GREAT and if you don’t like them, you can always return them.

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