Chronic Pain Drug Free Pain Relief

The Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device is a drug-free treatment device for people with chronic pain. The makers of Quell say it is designed for people with back pain, arthritis pain, nerve pain, leg and foot pain, and others. It’s been cleared by the FDA so the company did spend some serious time and money on this device. Click Here for the best Price and other Reviews

You can wear the Quell device while sleeping or anytime. It’s patented Opti Therapy technology automatically adjusts stimulation to deliver optimal hourly pain relief. You can adjust the strength settings. It has a Bluetooth connection and app so you can monitor your pain therapy and sleep patterns, as well as customize its operation. It also works without the app.

According to Quell,

The Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device is wearable technology that uses intensive nerve stimulation to provide widespread pain relief. It is designed to be worn on your calf and stimulates your nerves throughout your body triggering the release of your own body’s natural pain blockers at the spinal cord, which helps you feel widespread relief from your pain, not just relief in a specific part of your body.”

Does It Work and Is It Worth The Money?

63% of the people reviewed either loved it or said they received some real pain benefits from wearing it.

If you have chronic pain and would like to receive drug-free relief, then the Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device may be worth a try. If your one of the majority of people that gets pain relief from it, then it’s worth a lot more than you paid for it. Quell offers a Risk-Free, 30-day money back guarantee. Another great thing about the Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device is that it is made in the U.S.A. 

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